Por Enrique Pascual

The traditional method of providing web interfaces to Go programs is via a built-in web server. Wails offers a different approach: it provides the ability to wrap both Go code and a web frontend into a single binary. Tools are provided to make this easy for you by handling project creation, compilation and bundling. All you have to do is get creative!


  • Use standard Go for the backend
  • Use any frontend technology you are already familiar with to build your UI
  • Quickly create rich frontends for your Go programs using pre-built templates
  • Easily call Go methods from Javascript
  • Auto-generated Typescript definitions for your Go structs and methods
  • Native Dialogs & Menus
  • Native Dark / Light mode support
  • Supports modern translucency and “frosted window” effects
  • Unified eventing system between Go and Javascript
  • Powerful cli tool to quickly generate and build your projects
  • Multiplatform
  • Uses native rendering engines – no embedded browser!


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