DFlex, Javascript library for modern Drag and Drop apps

Por Enrique Pascual
DFlex is a Javascript library for modern Drag and Drop apps. It's built with vanilla Javascript.

DFlex is a Javascript library for modern Drag and Drop apps. It’s built with vanilla Javascript and implemented an enhanced transformation mechanism to manipulate DOM elements. It is by far the only Drag and Drop library on the internet that manipulates the DOM instead of reconstructing it and has its own scheduler and reconciler.


  • Dynamic architecture.
  • Traverse DOM without calling browser API.
  • Infinite DOM transformation instead of reconstructing the DOM tree with every interaction.
  • Customized and enhanced reconciler targets only elements transformed from origin.
  • Isolated from data flow with a scheduler prevents any blocking event.
  • Prevent layout shift that happens with any Drag and Drop mechanism.
  • Animated transformation with each interaction.
  • Headless and compatible with any modern JS framework.
  • Targeting each DOM element individually based on registration.
  • Event driven and fully customized API.
  • Extensible using its own matching algorithm instead of flat recursion algorithm(s).
  • Support three different types of restrictions.
  • Support four types of custom events and custom layout state emitter.


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